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Message10/04/2019, 04 04 40 (UTC)    
Sujet du message: Creating a cookie, login/sign-up screen.

I have made a login & sign-up screen which is connected to PostgreSQL which is where all the users are in an effort to learn Speed Test Scrabble Word Finder Solitaire more about XMLHttpRequest and cookies. I did a lot of research after not having too much luck trying to blindly solve this problem. I installed cookie-parser and it works when you redirect to that same page. However, I didn't work for me when trying to set it to a different page.

My question is: Is it possible to make a login/screen and then save the user state via a cookie like this? Am I missing something?

If anyone is willing to explain this in a couple of sentences I'd be extremely grateful.

P.S From my understanding and research, this kind of cross-page saving of cookies goes against the reason cookies were created in the first place.. But I don't understand why. :/

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